important facts

·         The classical electrolyte abnormality that occurs in Legionella infection is Hyponatremia.

·         Brucella – blood culture is the most definite method for diagnosis (CASTENEDA  METHOD).LIVER INFUSION MEDIA  are widely used for cultivation of Brucella. The media employed currently are serum dextrose agar, serum potato infusion agar , trypticase soy agar or tryptose agar. Acute brucellosis is mostly due to brucella melitensis known as UNDULANT FEVER.

·         Most common ovarian tumor to undergo torsion – mucinous cysts

·         Virilising tumors of the ovary are – arrhenoblastoma , adrenal tumors of the ovary, leydig cell tumor , gynandroblastoma.

·         Feminising  tumors of the ovary are – granulosa cell tumor , theca cell tumor.

·         Call Exner bodies are seen in – Granulosa cell tumor

·         Following ovarian tumor is most commonly seen in the reproductive age group – Mucinous cystadenoma.

comaprison b/n progestasert & mirena





40 mg progesterone

40 mg LNG

Release 65 microgm/day

20 microgm/day

Effective for 1 yr

5 yrs

Ectopic pregnancy more

Ectopic pregnancy less